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Health Care

What to do if you get ill or an emergency occurs

Once you receive your CPR number you are covered by the Danish Public Health Care System as long as you live in Denmark. When you get your CPR number you will have been appointed a family doctor (GP).

Making an appointment with your GP

If you need to see your GP be sure to call and make an appointment – preferably between 8am and 9am. Most GP’s have office hours between 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

If you get ill outside office hours

Call the Medical Hotline 1-8-1-3 and a nurse will be answering.

Remember to have your CPR number ready when you call.

You will be guided to a site within The Capital Region of Denmark.


In acute life-threatening emergencies call 1-1-2.


If you need to contact the Police call 1-1-4.

Dental Care

When you have your yellow health card, you are free to choose a dentist among practicing dentists in Denmark. Many dental services are available and most dentists are able to do most of the treatments themselves. Children under the age of 18 receive free dental care. People over 18 pay a subsidised fee for dental care. The state subsidy is already included on the dentist's invoice.

You have to make an appointment to see a dentist. Remember to take your yellow health card when you go!

The Municipal Dental Care Service (0-18 years old)

The Municipal Dental Care Service offers free preventive dental care and dental treatment to children and young people under 18, who are registered in the municipality. They are enrolled automatically and called in for examination/treatments on a regular basis.

Dentists employed in the municipalities work in clinics that are situated in public schools. Children will be assigned the one nearest their home, but parents can change to another school clinic by contacting the administration office.

The Municipal Dental Care Service offers all kinds of treatments and parents are welcome to contact the clinics if they have questions regarding their children’s teeth.


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